Create webservice in and mysql database

In this  post I will try to demonstrate how to create a webservice for API to post and retrieve data using AJAX. I am going to use c# and Visual Web Developer 2010 for this example. You can download Visual Studio Express 2013 for Web from Microsoft...
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Display multiple Facebook comment box in one page in ASP.NET

Facebook comment box is one of the favourite plugin to promote website and build network through social networking website. It enables user to post comment in their Facebook wall along with posting the comment in the website. It is very straight forward...
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Get item session value in APEX using jQuery

You can access the session value of any page item in APEX quite easily using jQuery. Session value can be retrieved using &PX_ITEM_NAME. tag even in html code. APEX replace this tag with the item session value. Cool yeah. Recently I have used this...
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Sorting Ordered list using jQuery

You can easily sort your ordered or un-ordered list in the website using jQuery. I have used very simple script which sort the Ordered list alphabetically and I have also did some styling in CSS to display letters instead of number. Here is my html content...
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Add additional content or append content in jQuery accordion

Recently I have replied to an forum inquiry in Oracle APEX forum about appending accordion content from html region. Here is the original blog post – You can append html content...
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