Adding admin user in MySql database for WordPress user

Editing the wp_usermeta table So now that we have inserted our user we will need to give it privileges to access the WordPress Admin seciton. This is done through the wp_usermeta table. You will need to know the id of the user you just created. If...
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CryptoPHP and security issues with Joomla, WordPress and Drupal open source CMS

CryptoPHP is basically a script file placed inside the plugins or themes folder specially in opensource content management system (CMS) to create a back door to manage your website. Imagine you have setup a website for a company who stores very confidential...
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Create webservice in and mysql database

In this  post I will try to demonstrate how to create a webservice for API to post and retrieve data using AJAX. I am going to use c# and Visual Web Developer 2010 for this example. You can download Visual Studio Express 2013 for Web from Microsoft...
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