Extend membership schema to store additional user information

In ASP.NET you can use default membership provider and use the aspnet_Profile table to store additional information of a user at the time of registration. If you don’t know how to install Membership Schema then read my previous article Installing...
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Display multiple Facebook comment box in one page in ASP.NET

Facebook comment box is one of the favourite plugin to promote website and build network through social networking website. It enables user to post comment in their Facebook wall along with posting the comment in the website. It is very straight forward...
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Calculate BCI/CPI using PL/SQL and Oracle table

Recently I was working in a project to calculate BCI (Building Cost Index) for the assets in the asset management system. After messing around with different systems and methodology I have come across a simple solution that calculate the CPI (Consumer...
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Compiling dynamic link library (DLL) file using Visual Studio 2008 tools for application

As you might know iTextsharp is one of the most popular opensource library for PDF printing in ASP.NET website. Recently I have come across with the security issue running iTextsharp in shared hosting in GoDaddy. I was getting error – “Medium...
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Update multiple Oracle database tables using procedure in

In one of my recent project I had the situation where I wanted to update multiple Oracle database tables with one button click event. I do not want to update the second table if the update operation fails for the first table. I have created an Oracle...
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