Custom user control for dynamic drop-down list in with validation

Sometimes you might want to create a dynamic drop-down list to bind data from database table instead of hard coding. In my recent application development I wanted to create a custom user control for dynamic drop-down list with data bind from table and...
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Create custom reusable dropdown usercontrol for databind in formview in

Recently in one of my ASP.NET application I had to create a massive form with lot of drop-down lists and check-box list. Some of the dropdown lists have the same values e.g. Yes, No etc. Now instead of creating to many drop-downlist with same parameters,...
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Comparing span text in jquery and

Recently in one of my web application I wanted to disable a button depending on the value in html span. Basically my idea is to enable and disable publish button in my web application depending on span text value.   In this web application,...
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Databind in checkbox list in ASP.NET

Checkbox list does not support multiple databind. To be a bit clearer, it does not support databind for multi select in checkbox list. It only stores one entry from the checkbox list. In one of my recent project I had to implement checkbox list where...
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