Add additional content or append content in jQuery accordion

Recently I have replied to an forum inquiry in Oracle APEX forum about appending accordion content from html region. Here is the original blog post – You can append html content...
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Show and Hide page items depending on Select list value in APEX using jQuery

In Oracle Apex application, you can hide and show items at page rendering point very nicely using in-built Item Display Condition. But when it comes to show/hide items in the create record page you might have to use other techniques like javascript, jQuery...
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Comparing span text in jquery and

Recently in one of my web application I wanted to disable a button depending on the value in html span. Basically my idea is to enable and disable publish button in my web application depending on span text value.   In this web application,...
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Calling webservice in Ajax using jQuery in ASP.NET

In this example I have shown how to call a web-service using jQuery AJAX. For instance I wanted to load some addition information or external information in my website using web-service and Ajax call. If you do not know how to create a web-service then...
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Implementing fancybox in oracle APEX application

Recently in one of my application I have implemented Fancybox to give better user experience. I guess this is quite useful when you have too many items in one page and user has to scroll down to view details in the page. This will give better user experience...
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