Get item session value in APEX using jQuery

You can access the session value of any page item in APEX quite easily using jQuery. Session value can be retrieved using &PX_ITEM_NAME. tag even in html code. APEX replace this tag with the item session value. Cool yeah. Recently I have used this...
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Sorting Ordered list using jQuery

You can easily sort your ordered or un-ordered list in the website using jQuery. I have used very simple script which sort the Ordered list alphabetically and I have also did some styling in CSS to display letters instead of number. Here is my html content...
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Clear session state in Oracle APEX after an AJAX action

How to clear the session state in Oracle Application Express? Well it is quite easy to do with PL/SQL however tricky to do with javascript or jQuery. Basically I have implemented an AJAX request based on couple of page items but I want clear the session...
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Redirect to another page based on select list value in APEX

Redirect user to different page in APEX is tricky some times. I have tried to use button and branch to page but did not have good luck in one of my application. It works in one case but does not work in another. I had mess around with the branch at different...
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Open FancyBox on button click event using jquery

Fancybox is very useful javascript plugin to open popup window to display more data in different page or in the same page. It is quite flexible to work with and very user friendly. Recently in one of my Oracle APEX application I have wanted to implement...
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