Create trigger to set column value depending on another table column value in Oracle database

You can create a trigger in Oracle database to set column value dynamically depending on another table column value. Recently some asked this question in Oracle Apex Forum and here was my suggestion for creating trigger to check if the new value exists...
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Calculate BCI/CPI using PL/SQL and Oracle table

Recently I was working in a project to calculate BCI (Building Cost Index) for the assets in the asset management system. After messing around with different systems and methodology I have come across a simple solution that calculate the CPI (Consumer...
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Clear session state in Oracle APEX after an AJAX action

How to clear the session state in Oracle Application Express? Well it is quite easy to do with PL/SQL however tricky to do with javascript or jQuery. Basically I have implemented an AJAX request based on couple of page items but I want clear the session...
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